Takenbychris Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography for Corporates and Families : Individuals and Groups


Takenbychris produces professional corporate portrait photography for company annual reports, corporate brochures and PR or website profiles that will enhance brand identity.

At your place or in our studio in Kent, our images will enhance your brand identity and it will all be accomplished with a flexible and relaxed, no fuss approach.

Takenbychris guarantees to be sensitive to the individual sitter's needs and personalities resulting in memorable and effective photographs that portray the sitter’s true personality. Over the years, we’ve captured a diversity of personalities in corporate portraits and appreciate that each one has required a fresh approach.

We know that not everyone feels at ease in front of the camera, but we can guarantee that we’ll build a rapport and overcome that together. The most memorable and effective photographs take careful preparation of lighting and composition, yet are taken in a split second, catching perhaps that off-guard moment when the sitter’s true personality shines through. 

We also specialize in family portrait photography from our studio in Kent or at your chosen location with our mobile studio that is complete with lighting and backdrops.



Commercial photography and industrial photography has always been our passion we also provide commercial, industrial, studio, portraits, location and architectural photography.

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