About Chris Taylor the photographer

About Chris Taylor: Behind the Lens
Meet Chris Taylor, the creative force behind the captivating images that come to life through his lens. Chris's journey as a photographer began at a young age, when he was gifted his first camera at eight years old. His innate talent quickly became evident as he achieved a remarkable feat – having his first photograph published in Autosport magazine at the tender age of eleven, taken during the RAC Rally.
Chris's path was profoundly influenced by his late father, Colin Taylor, a distinguished photographer in his own right. Together, they formed the dynamic duo behind CTP Photography (Colin Taylor Productions), collaborating closely for many productive years.

With over two decades of experience as a commercial photographer in Kent, Chris Taylor has meticulously cultivated a reputation that shines across diverse genres. His expertise encompasses industrial photography, architectural photography, portrait photography, product photography, location photography, as well as hotels and leisure photography. Now incorporating indoor drone photography and videography.

Although based in the picturesque South East of England, specifically Sevenoaks, Chris's assignments have propelled him across the United Kingdom and beyond. His mobile studio serves not only as a means to capture exceptional photographs but also as his portal to what he fondly refers to as "Narnia."

Commercial and industrial photography holds a special place in Chris's heart – a realm that encompasses a vast spectrum of visual storytelling. From captivating product and packshot photography to creating striking corporate headshots, his dedication to excellence is unwavering. Every assignment is approached with meticulous attention to detail, guided by client briefs and his own creative insights. The tangible impact of his work is evident, as the images he crafts have the power to ignite sales and elevate the visual representation of companies and products alike.

In a world where visuals are paramount, Chris Taylor's portfolio stands as a testament to the profound influence of remarkable photography. Through his lens, stories are told, products are showcased, and businesses are elevated. Discover the transformative potential of vivid imagery with Chris Taylor Photography.